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Pay for what you store, not for what you transfer.

  • $0.49 per GB for the first 50 TB / month of storage used
  • $0.44 per GB for the next 50 TB / month of storage used
  • $0.39 per GB for all storage used / month over 100 TB
Further Information:

  • A gigabyte is defined as 10 raised to the 9th power, or 1 billion kilobytes, in compliance with the International System of Units.
  • A terabyte is 1000 gigabytes.
  • casWS pre-bills on the first day of each period (month or year depending on subscription). Canceling an account cancels the recurring billing, and the customer can no longer access his or her files after the period expires.
  • casWS charges for the maximum amount of storage used per month. If a customer temporarily uploads 2 TB of data, the customer will be billed for that usage.
  • casWS does not enforce quotas.