Not a developer?
If you are not a developer, but still want the scalability and reliability of a a cloud storage service with redundant backups and compliant archiving services, please visit us at

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Casdex Web Services (casWS) is a cloud storage and archiving platform with a simple web services interface accessible directly through WSDLs or available Java APIs (APIs for Python, Perl and C are in development). Developers can write to our storage system directly taking advantage of compliant archiving features according to the following service layer overview:

Independent Software Vendors and Developers

For ISVs and developers that need to implement functionality described in SEC Rule 17a-4 "non-rewritable" "non-eraseable" storage as part of their workflow the casWS API allows developers to write their own applications to take advantage of our content addressable storage system. casWS is unencumbered by the limitations of traditional file systems and has no file size or quantity limitations. Our global storage network will store redundant copies of your data in multiple, geographically dispersed data centers to achieve maximum availability.

Corporate Governance

For businesses needing compliant archiving to meet corporate governance and prefer not to maintain the archiving infrastructure, casWS provides an archiving API for a robust internet archiving platform. It gives developers access to an industry leading, CAS based platform that meets the strict requirements of SEC Rule 17a-4 and other government regulations enabling self enforced compliance for a fraction of the cost of installing hardware in-house with unlimited growth potential.

Compliance Features

The casWS Internet Archiving Platform provides developers a well documented API to maintain a compliant archive with:
  • Retention Policy management
  • WORM storage
  • Audit trails for file lifecycle
  • File Authenticity via MD5 and SHA1 hashing
  • AES Encryption